Prosecco Pound Cake

Prosecco Pound Cake

Just in time for the Holidays, here is my Prosecco Pound Cake! I mean, you're already going to be drinking champagne and wine so why not have it in cake. 

She's moist and full of the effervescent flavor of Prosecco Wine.  Absolutely ZZZlicious! If you like sweets and wine, then this is the cake for you. 

Disclaimer: Please do not share my recipe on any platforms or with anyone who did not purchase. This recipe is solely for your personal use. This is my personal and curtailed recipe, that I've worked hard on to make my own and to taste "zzzlicious." I am sharing my creations with you at a fraction of the cost.

Because this is also the recipe that I use in my business, I truly hope that you respect me being a small business. If I see or hear about this recipe being shared, I will not share anymore and this will be the last.

Please don't ruin it for everyone else. 

Thank you for your interest and support of my small business.

Happy New Year Bundt Buddies!

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